how to protect your windshield from extreme heat in summer?


During the heat in summer, when the temperatures can reach up to a hundred degrees, your windshield can actually take a beating. Here’re 4 things you can do to protect your windshield against the heat and wear that it’ll encounter this summer.

  • Resist The Urge To Slam Doors, Hood and Trunk Shut

Be careful when you shut your car’s doors, trunk, and hood. Slamming shut your doors, trunk and hood can send vibrations via your car and via your windshield. These vibrations can cause extremely small chips in your windshield to spread extremely quickly, particularly when your windshield is already vulnerable from entire the hot summer.

  • Wait Until The Sun Is Setting To Wash Your Vehicle

In the heat of summer, you’d avoid washing your car out in the direct sunlight. You’d also avoid washing your car when the car windshield is really warm. The contrast of the icy water from your home and the hotness of your vehicle windshield can cause it to crack. It’s best to wash your cars when the sun is lower and is therefore not beating down on our car.

  • Change Temperatures Gradually

Changing temperature rapidly can put stress on your card windshield. For instance, if your car is parked in the sunshine and it truly hot and then you get in best in A/C, this can stress out your car windshield. If your vehicle is parked in the sun or if it’s actually hot inside if your car, it’s much better for your windshield. If your vehicle windshields if you to roll down your windows and let some of the heat out first.  

  • Park In The Shade Whenever You Can

When you can, you’d park in the shade. All that direct sunlight can be harmful to your car windshield. Excessive summer heat can make this stable. Due to the heart making your car windshield less stable, an extremely tiny chip in your car windshield can smoothly spread and crack your complete windshield.

You can prevent this by parking in the shaded area when possible and avoiding the direct heat. If you can, park below a parking system or in your garage. If it’s possible to avoid the sun, put a sun protector o your car windshield to eliminate the effects of straight sunlight on your windshield.

  • Get Cracks Fixed Right Away

If you see some crack, even it’s really small; you’d get it fixed right away. There’re so many situations in the heat of summer that can cause a small crack or ding on your windshield to spread and damage your windshield. It’s less costly to repair crack than it has to replace your complete windshield.

If you follow the primary 4 steps, you’d reduce the chances that your car windshield gets damaged this hot summer. If it does get damaged, be certain to get the crack fixed as fast as possible to keep your repair cost as low as possible.

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