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Students Resort to Alternative Measures To Pay for College Housing

Students in Melbourne Australia have been feeling the effects of rising accommodation costs and have resorted to some alternative methods to ensure they can pay rent each month. With rental costs in large university suburbs increasing by 5% above inflation for 3 consecutive years students across Melbourne have had to find ways to increase their earnings capability during their spare time.

One such method that is gaining popularity among the male students is to turn their downtime passions such as going to the gym into money making activities. Tom Sawyer, 21 who goes to the gym every day to maintain a fit and healthy body also and enjoys socialising within the local party scene on the weekends. He didnt want to give up any of that time to find traditional work and so turned to being a male stripper for girls bachelorette parties which are known locally as “hen do’s” He works 3 hours on Friday and Saturday night for the team at

He drives around the city to 3 or 4 parties and collects anywhere from $1000-2000 before meeting up with his friends to continue the night having earned enough to pay for the gym, his nights out and the ever increasing cost of living as a student in the Northern suburbs of Melbourne.

“It’s great fun hanging out with the girls and it’s a great solution to a problem that so many of us students have which is finding the coin to pay for everything. It’s getting so expensive but thankfully all those sit ups are paying dividends” said Tom.

Lucky for him theres a market for abs, unlucky for me there isnt one for flab!

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